Ruth Amy Metcalf's family and friends welcome you!

"Mom was a very special lady who weathered many of life's storms with grace and a ready wit."

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Geri Rosser 



Here are Ruth and Henry in the early 1980s. Earl and Dixie had just been married and they went to visit all of Earl's siblings (the Original Gang of Ten). The newly married Dixie took this snapshot of the Metcalfs..



Christmas 2017



Wishing you all the blessings of this happy, holy season.

Blessings to You and Yours.

Hope you are doing well!

Your Cousin,

Ruth Anne

Dear Friends,

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful and blessed season!

I wanted to do something a bit different this year to wish you and yours a lovely holiday season! I have collected a variety of pictures from the last year to let you know what has been happening in my life and to share with you the joy that my friends and family bring to me. That is, after all, what Christmas is all about.

I sincerely hope that you have a LOVELY holiday season! Merry Christmas!

Ruth Anne Metcalf


  • Cousin Geri Rosser has been exploring her creative side by posting her photography on "Zazzle."  Why not be ahead of the game and do  some  early Christmas shopping for some very unique gifts!  Please  take a look by  clicking here.

Geri Rosser's E-Mail to the Family at 4:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 5, 2007


At 2:45 a.m. today (August 5, 2007) mom passed away at Mount Carmel East Hospital.
After several x-rays and finally a CT scan, it was determined that she had
pneumonia; after the diagnosis and some new meds and oxygen she passed fairly
quickly and peacefully. (And now she's enjoying the present of Christ's
presence, immediate and sweet!)

Please pray for my sister, Ruth Anne, my brother, Dick, and me as we plan the
celebration of mom's homegoing, and then all of the family as we move through
the events of the week. Pray for Greg as he's our voice of reason but also
very beset with papers to write for the three classes he's just finished.

Thanks so much for your prayers for mom in the past several weeks!
We know they have sustained her and us at every turn in this journey.
We also know that God's timing for taking her from us is perfect, spiritually,
mentally, financially, physically, and every other 'ally' that we can think



Dick Metcalf and family have relocated to Hawaii!

We're now "firmly" settled on the island of Oahu... for those who may be interested, my 'zine, IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION, is back up on a new host; go to: ...& if any of the Gardner-clan have poetry you need/want published, I'm accepting submissions; here are the GUIDELINES: GUIDELINES: We ONLY take poetry submissions via e-mail; submissions that are snailed will be discarded! Topics may be any you choose, though ones with music/jazz as a focus will go to the top of the list EPICS may or may not be used We want your pieces to CHALLENGE the reader E-mail address for submissions is:


Latest Update on Dick Metcalf's Move


Another quick update... about 3 weeks after arriving in Honolulu & going up to my new
assignment location at Schofield Barracks, I received notification that I would be re-assigned
(yet again) ON the island... I will be working at a newly forming Army Field Support Brigade
out of Fort Shafter. The BIG impact is that this position is NON-deployable - meaning, of
course, that I will not be required to go to Iraq! What wonderful news! We should, then, be able
to serve somewhere between 3-5 years here, then return to Olympia & (truly) retire.... lord knows,
I'm looking forward to that!





Westerville, OH,  March 25, 2007

Dear Round Robins,

I certainly enjoyed the RR that got lost, but now found.  What a wonderful wedding for Alicia and Yvan.  Everyone looked so good.  Irene has a wonderful way of doing things.

I really appreciate all the families and the many different people in them.  I'm happy that Teresa is going to write in the RR.  I'm sorry, Beulah, you've had eye trouble.  Ruth Ann helped my by taking me to a good eye doctor.  I have a good doctor who knew how to correct the right eye and I have no trouble with my good eye.

I enjoyed reading about Adele helping her mother.  Lois, I am sorry about you falling two times.

Thanks for the good letters, Clayton and Gerry and Margaret and Raymond.

Love in Jesus, Ruth Amy Metcalf



Moving Notes from the Globe Trotting Metcalf's


Thought I'd let everyone know that this part of the Metcalf clan is "on the road again"! I leave PA for Washington state around mid-April... then, from Olympia to Hawaii near the end of April, with my wife Kim. She & I will scout homes/rentals for about a week, then Kim will return to Washington & work with Army packers to prep for the whole family to move there sometime in June. A part of this move will be that I spend the whole summer out "in the tents" with the unit I'm being assigned to support, then go over to California with them at the end of the summer... from there, it's off to points unknown (though we pretty much know what country it will be... same one I was in last year...) Hope you'll keep us (all) in your prayers! Dick Metcalf



  The lost Round Robin returns home!




Westerville, OH, June 3, 2006

Dear Round Robins,

Lilla, it was wonderful to hear from Adele.  Margaret, your husband, Raymond, tells how Gloria takes you to church on holidays, and your family loves you, I know.  My two girls help me so much.  I live with Ruth Anne, who helps me much, and Geri and her husband, Greg, help me too.  Praise the Lord!  Ruth Anne took me and a friend of both of us and we went way up to the Scotia River and the Ohio River.  It was a wonderful trip to see everything.  The whole place showed the mountains and the lovely, beautiful scenery!  In some ways, the green and the beauty made me think of Vermont.  We would like to see you all, but I guess we'll not be able to go see you all.  Gas costs so much.

Lois, I am sorry you slipped on that ice when you landed on your nose.  Nice you had all the wood.  I'm so sorry not to be able to see all of you, but don't think I can.

Don and Beulah, you have a big family to go and see.  I'm glad you both get out to see all of the families and children.  Beulah, I'll pray for your knees.  I'm glad you are O.K., Don.  I'm 92 instead of 91.  On December 14th I'll be 93, if I live.  I'm feeling pretty good.

Irene and Rod, glad you got to see Terry and Patty and had a week with them.  Nice you could see Matthew and his girl friend, Amy.  Your letter is always good.  Thanks for your good letters.

Love to all,

Ruth Amy Metcalf





353 Macintosh Way, Westerville, Ohio

October 26, 2005

Dear Round Robins,


I've enjoyed all the letters.  Lilla, I hope you'll write to us.  I appreciate Teresa taking Lois and me down to see you, Lilla.  It would be great to see Lois next summer.  I enjoyed seeing you and your friends.  I am just about the same, except I feel my age more.  I still take the same medicine that I've had for years.  My two girls do their best to help me, and Geri's husband helps too.  We plan to celebrate Thanksgiving at Geri's and Greg's house.  Greg's mother will be there too.  Lois, I surely love the sound of the music that Teresa gave you.  Clayton, I'm praying for you and hope that the Lord will heal you.  I always pray for Ron and Tara too.


Irene, it's wonderful to see all you do for everyone in your family.  I enjoyed seeing Alicia, Adam, Jackie, Richard, Kylee, Yuan, Alicia's fiancee, and Alicia's new baby.  Thanks, Irene, for the dinner out in the outdoors.  It was great to hear from Don and Beulah.  I think you are smart to get out from the house once in awhile.


Love to all,

Ruth Amy Metcalf






353 Macintosh Way, Westerville, Ohio

May 31, 2005

Dear Lois,


I'm going to try and get this in the round robin.  Geri and Greg went out to Seattle to Dick and Kim's house and to take some money for Andy who is graduating from high school.  We also sent him something for his car.  He was pleased.  While they were out there, they will go to a conference for the Nazarene Church and will celebrate their 25th anniversary for their marriage.  They plan to get back here next Friday, June 3rd.  They'll wash their clothes so they can then go to Florida.  From Florida, they will go up to Vermont. 


I'm going with them to Indianapolis for the Nazarene meeting there.  It lasts about a week.  When we come back here it will be time for the trip to Vermont, for seeing you, and others up there.  We'll leave for Vermont on June 30th and stop on the way for a night's rest.  We expect to arrive in Vermont on July 1st.  I think Geri and Greg are going to stay with Irene and Rod.  We plan to go back home on July 10th.  I'm looking forward to all this.  I'll be glad to see all of you, though we may not see Don and Beulah as they might be taking their cousin home.


Geri and Greg are later planning on their trip to Alaska.  I don't think I could stand all their goings, but they are nearing 50 years old and I'm expecting to be 92 in December, 2005.


All the letters were wonderful from Lois, Dixie, Gerry and Clayton, Irene, Lilla, Margaret and Raymond and Mr. and Mrs. Don Griffes.  I'm praying for all of you.


Love in Jesus, Ruth






353 Macintosh Way, Westerville, Ohio

Dear Robins,


I'm just now answering all the good letters sent to me.  It's great to hear from all of you.  Lois, I'm glad you got home OK.  I know you were happy to get to your own place.  Sorry someone hit your car.  I hope she has insurance to get your door fixed.  Beulah, I'm still praying for your eye and for your family.  I still remember your big family and all who wrote and remembered Henry.  One day my Sunday School lady said, "I want you to tell us what you said about Henry and Nita meeting each other in Heaven."  PTL.


We certainly miss Nita.  She surely belonged to her Lord and was wonderful to all of us.  We miss her, but are glad she's in Heaven and glad that Henry is there too.


Lilla, we hope you are feeling better and thank you so much for letting Nita stay with you.


Gerry and Clayton, we are praying for you both.  I was interested in the cat (evidently, a big one).  Ruth Anne has two cats, a female, black and white - beautiful!  Then she has Smokey - male and weighing 20 pounds.  These two are like Ruth Anne's children.  Don't let your big cat hurt you, Clayton.


Raymond, you always send an interesting letter. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself.  I'm so glad you know the Lord!  I'm so glad you had Irene's help.  She always writes well.  I hope we hear from her every time the letters come.  Irene has been wonderful to all of us!


Geri and Greg will be going to Alaska this summer.  They will be married 25 years, May 31, 2005.  I don't know for sure, but I may come up to Vermont with them.  They are very busy with music in the Shepherd Church of the Nazarene.


Dixie, you surely write interesting letters.  Next time you write, let me know when your birthday is.  I am 91 now.  I was born December 14, 1913.  Don't want to forget anything.  I'm glad Lyle and Edith Cargill's letter was in there.


Dawnita, we are glad you're doing so well.


Love to all of you,

Ruth Amy Metcalf






Westerville, Ohio - August 28, 2004

Dear Family,

Hello, Beulah and Don.  I am praying much for help with your eyes, Beulah.  I appreciate your helping all of us when we put Henry's final box in the grave.  Thank you, Lord, that he can meet his Lord and be in heaven.  PTL.  I miss him, but know where he'll be.  Nita, I appreciate your Round Robin letter.  You always remember everyone in the family, even though four have gone.

I listened to an evangelist last night on Sky Angel.  He knows his Bible and knows our Savior is coming back here soon.  I always like Lilla's good stories about her large family.  Then I enjoy Dixie's stories of all her family and all she does.  Clayton and Gerry seem to be getting along very well.  Ruth Ann enjoyed seeing both of you, and especially your grandchild.

Raymond, I enjoyed the story about your trip to New York, about you seeing Dick Cove and Lisa and Chris and their three boys.  You always make some fun in all the things you do.  I liked the story about getting Margaret into the bathroom.

Lois, I've written to you and I'm glad you are enjoying life.  Ruth Ann and I have quite a bit of fun and Geri and Greg help us a lot.  I'm having a little trouble with my hearing aid and hearing in general.  Monday, Geri is taking me down to the place where we bought the hearing aid.  PTL.

Love to all of you.

90-year-old Ruth Amy Metcalf




Westerville, Ohio - February 20, 2004

Dear Folks,

At last I'm getting around to answer the RR.  So much is always going on at the end of the year, - Henry's and my anniversary, Christmas, my birthday.  Nita asked who started the RR.  I did, thinking I might not have to write so much.  One time I was in a store and somehow lost the RR.  However, someone picked it up and sent it to me.  PTL.

We had an early Christmas with Ruth Anne, Geri, Greg, Henry and me.  Most of you know about the 90th birthday party on the 17th of December.  Henry came to that party, but four days later he passed away.  I know he was getting worse in his heart disease, but I was shocked when I saw him dead in the bed Sunday morning.  Henry is in a better place now, of course.  I miss him much, but I'm happy he is with the Lord.

I know we have a wonderful family who helped us so much with everything.  Thank all of you for helping in may ways.

Ruth Anne and Geri helped with everything and Dick came from Lacey, Washington.  Our church people and our many friends helped us so much for the funeral in Midland and in Vermont.

Geri, Greg, and Ruth Anne helped me move down to Columbus, Ohio where both of them live.  Now I'm living with Ruth Anne and I go to Geri and Greg's Nazarene Church in Columbus.

Beulah and Don, you have had a year of helping many of us.  Thanks for coming to the 90th birthday party.  We appreciate you going down to Florida with Lois.  Beulah, we don't know how you do so much.

Raymond, you always think of something interesting to say in your RR letter.  I enjoy your humorous pieces and all the work you do on our descendants.

Lois, I'm glad you had a good summer with Nita and had a good time with Beulah and Don.

Lilla, I hope you will find a good doctor and I'm praying for you in your concern.  Thanks for the money you sent and for your hospitality to Irene.  I got a laugh about the golden years.  Pee, ha!

Nita, the Midland Church has not called another pastor yet.  Last Sunday they had a woman pastor who is coming the next two Sundays.  We think the men won't want a woman pastor.  The big piano I had downstairs in the parsonage is still downstairs.  Ruth Anne's piano is a little out of tune.  If Henry were her, he'd get it in tune.  Bill Boman is holding a sale on our furniture and beds and Henry's tools.  I think this will help us with money.  I'm sorry you have given up going to church.  I'm praying for you.

Clayton and Gerry, you are getting along quite well for your age.  I like the stories you told, Clayton, about my getting to sleep late because Mother didn't know I'd come home the night before, and the one about your bath in the old house and my coming in to get warm.

Dixie, you surely sound busy and happy, even with a lot of things not going the way you'd like them.

Lots of Love, Ruth Amy Metcalf

Here is a list of what's going on in our family:

  • Wednesday, December 17, 2003.  You are invited to my birthday party at the Midland Bethel Church of the Nazarene in Midland, Michigan.  If you click here, you will be routed to the web page set up especially for my birthday party.  This is also where pictures will be posted after the actual event has taken place.

  • Geri Rosser has her PhD in Music!  Her graduation is the weekend of my actual birthday.  We hope you will send her a congratulatory card.  She has worked long and hard to achieve her goal and would love hearing from you.

  • Dick will be leaving for Iraq in November.  He will be under contract (with the Army) to do help desk work there for a year and a half.  We request your prayers on his behalf that he remain safe.  Perhaps he will share his experiences with all of us here on the web or in a Gardner Newsletter article.

  • Paul has posted the latest Round Robin letters.  You can read mine below.




July 2, 2003

Dear Don and Beulah,

We just heard that Velma, Don's father's sister, died and we are praying for her sister, Edna.  Does that mean you would come back to Michigan for the funeral?  You probably herd us say we were planning to go down to Ruth Anne's early the 4th of July.  We plan to stay with her and celebrate Henry's birthday.  They we'll try to go down to our camp for two days of missionary talks, and then the rest of that week is for our annual meeting.  Praise the Lord.  The church is paying for our room there, our food and gas.  We plan to get home on the 10th of July.  It was good to have you top to see us.  Thanks for our dinner.  So far my bowel problem is gone.  It makes a whole different life for all of us.  However, we both need your prayers for both of us.  Henry gets so tired, no matter what he does.

Dixie, I'm praying for both your son and daughter.  Praise the Lord for a great Grandmother!

Nita, we're just like Beulah, not understanding why you have palsy.  We know we will meet you in Heaven.  Praise the Lord!

Raymond, your letters are always interesting.  Glad you have the book selling.  Nice you could have a new car.  A garage man here fix up our 1997 Chevy, so it is just like new.  Praise the Lord!  Enjoyed the piece of our grandmother, Ruth Seymour French, the teacher.  Enclosed are a few stamps for the 127 year old piece.

Clayton, we're glad you sent your good picture of the two of you.  Your Nick and Zack had a real bad experience with each other.  Hope it'll turn out OK.

Lilla, we appreciate your good letter about your large family.  Wish we could see you more often.

Love to all, Henry and Ruth




October 1, 2002

Dear Round Robins,

Dixie and her husband surely have the grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Henry and I just have two grandchildren, boys, one in his thirties and the other about 15.  Dick and Kim went back to Seattle after living near Detroit.  They went back to their house in the state of Washington.  They had rented their house to someone and the renter had abused the house.  So they had to fix their house before they could move in.  They seem very happy now that they are settled.  Dick is 56 now and has had trouble finding a job that is suitable for him and his family.  We pray that we will be able to meet them all in heaven.  Their address is 120 State Ave NC, # 283, Olympia, WA  98501-8212.

We are very busy for being as old as we are, but we enjoy living here and trying to help people find the Lord as their personal savior.  We want them to find the Lord before He comes back.

I enjoy all your letters but I'm shortening mine because I'm trying to get ready to go down to Columbus to see Geri and Ruth Anne.  Then we have to get ready for a revival in our church.  We are having our former Lexington, Ohio pastor and wife at our place for next week.  I'll try not to have the letter so short next time.

Love, Ruth






Columbus, Ohio - March 6, 2002

Dear Folks,

Here I am an old person, two years from 90!  We came last Thursday from our parsonage home in Midland, MI to have a little vacation from our pastoring of Midland Bethel Church of the Nazarene.  We are planning on going home tomorrow.  Our two daughters, Ruth Ann Metcalf and Geraldine Metcalf Rosser, have made us very welcome here, but it'll be good to get back home.

Your probably all have heard about Henry's adventure with heart disease.  He's had stents put in his artery and medicine for other parts of his system.  Before his surgery he could hardly breathe and was tired all the time.  After surgery he is much better, but he still tries to do too much.  We'll appreciate your prayers for us.  He'll be 79 on his birthday, July 7th, and I'll be 89 on December 14, 2002.  We are praying for all of you people; some very old like me, and the rest of you that seem young to us.  Henry and I both thank the Lord for helping us with our problems.

Dixie, your letters are so interesting.  You really enjoy life, I believe.  Dixie, it would take about three hours and K is Southwest of Midland, MI.

Lilla, you are one of us that has a great grandchild.  We wish we could drop in and see you like we used to and hear abut your and yours.

Clayton and Gerry, we think of both of you often.  We hear from Nita about once a week; she tells us about you folks.

Beulah and Don, Nita said that you two might drop in on us.  It's always great to see you two.

Raymond and Margaret, you have a 16th grandchild too.  We don't expect to hear when a great grandchild comes along.  That was quite a letter from 19 year 9ld Melissa Dolloff.

Now I'll say the names of the "gang of ten" that Paul speaks of in his wonderful Gardner Gazette.  "Ruth, Elizabeth, Lois, Earl, Clayton, Nita, Adelbert, Raymond, Elinor, and Beulah."  I go through this name calling when we pray each morning for all of these wonderful families.

Love to all, Ruth Amy Gardner Metcalf and Henry







August 27, 2001 - Midland, MI

Dear Family Members,

    It was great to have Don and Beulah stop to see us on their way home from helping Aunt Jo getting her finances in order.  Just wish all of you could come see us.  We have a double bed upstairs in our parsonage and a single one downstairs, so there would be room for quite a few of you.  We appreciate this nice parsonage and the wonderful people in the church.  Yesterday our District Superintendent came and encouraged us and the rest of the church.  We had a short board meeting after his good sermon.  In the board meeting he praised the church people for hanging in there and working during a hard time in the church situation.  They are all working together so well.  The church plans to have a tent meeting September 22nd (revival).

    Henry is visiting an old cigarette-smoking uncle of one of our members, He, the smoker, is dying of cancer and is in the hospital without much hope of living on earth much longer.  He (Henry) has tried to tell him the gospel story that could save him from going to hell and give him hope.  So far the man changes the subject when our savior is mentioned, but I'm praying he'll find how Christ, who knew no sin, took all of us sinners' place on the cross, and paid for our sins.  Sometimes it's hard for us to believe what Jesus has done for us.  We think we can handle the problem ourselves, but we can't.

    I spent the summer tending to flowers and getting used to the lovely place.  We celebrated Andy's birthday in June and Henry's birthday in July.  Geri and Greg and Ruth Anne came up for Henry's birthday - also Dick, Kim and Andy.  Arthur has moved to Illinois, Moline, I think.  So, when Art and Suzanne visited his father, Dick, Kim helped them drive up to see us.  It was terribly hot that day, but we can go downstairs in the parsonage and get cooled off.

    It's great to hear from you all, so let's keep it up as long as we can.  I've got to work on learning to use the computer, but here's always something else in the way when I plan to learn.

Much love to all, Ruth






June 2, 2001 - Midland, MI

Dear Robins,

It was great to hear from all of you!  We both got some kind of a bug about a week ago; however, my bug got better.  But poor Henry has been really down.  Tomorrow he'll have an annual meeting to take care of.  I'm praying much for him.  We tried, when we first came up here, to get a doctor.  We finally found a clinic, but then didn't hear from them at all.  So, yesterday he called the clinic and they said they lost a doctor who had many patients.  We've got a doctor for next week, but have to go to Angola, NY to conduct a burial service for my friend, Betty Higgins.  We will appreciate your prayers for Henry's health and our trip.

We enjoyed Nita, Dawnita, Beulah and Don's visit to our nice parsonage.  Lois, we love the robins, woodpeckers, chickadees, morning doves and quite a lot of others.  We are thinking of moving our large sofa that is in front of the picture window to the other side of the room.  Then we'd be able to watch the birds when we sit in our chairs.  Raymond and Clayton knew we call ourselves "old coots."  We do, but are not comparing ourselves to your favorite bird.  Henry says your stork is like a Metcalf, because he dunks his bread before he eats it.

Dick, Kim, and Andy are here today to help us celebrate Andy's birthday.  He'll be 14 the 5th of June.  Ruth Anne is on her way up here to celebrate with us.  Geri came up last week and stayed with us for a few days.  Right now Greg and she are celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary.  It doesn't seem possible they've been married 21 years. 

Gerry and Clayton, it was good to know how you are getting along.  I know exercise really helps.  I get most of my exercise working around the house and trying to keep this lovely parsonage clean.  Lilla and Dixie, you always have interesting letters.  Beulah and Nita are gardeners.  I think "RINO" is a good name for Jim Jeffords.  Henry is getting the hamburger ready for the grill as Ruth Anne is now near Flint in her trip up.

Much love to all.

Ruth and Henry






Art and Suzanne Metcalf

The Metcalf's - Life After the U.S. Navy!

    Hello - Art and Suzanne Metcalf here.  Our new snail mail address is 2104 18th Avenue, Apt. # 132, Moline, IL  61265.  I (Art) am getting out of the US Navy after just a little over nine years.  We had been stationed in Saratoga Springs, NY since September 1997.  During my first two years I trained in Orlando, FL and Saratoga Springs, NY.  After that I was assigned to the USS George Washington (an aircraft carrier) in Norfolk, VA between February 1994 and August 1997.  I visited many cool foreign places and did many interesting things.  However, none of these things involved my wife.  After being on the ship, I was assigned to Saratoga Springs again as an instructor.

    When the time came to decide whether to stay in or not, the decision was quite easy.  When I was on a ship, I spent over 65% of my time physically on the ship.  NO MORE SHIPS ....  So, in the past four to five months, I have been avidly pursuing something akin to what I do in the Navy.

    After driving from NY to Baltimore, MD to Atlanta, GA for some hiring conferences (and then back to NY), I caught wind by word of mouth about a corporation that owns several nuclear plants in Illinois and Pennsylvania and needed some experienced nuclear workers.  I called the company and within days had scheduled a trip to Illinois for testing and interviews.

    Around mid-May, I flew to Atlanta, GA for a follow-up interview with a company.  After returning to Saratoga Springs, I then flew to Chicago on the 24th and 25th of May.  The testing and interviews with Exelon Corporation went beautifully.  In fact, the day I returned to Saratoga from Moline, IL I was at work and had received a job offer from Exelon.  I accepted this offer.

    After accepting, we now had to find a place to live in Illinois.  We got real hot on the internet about finding a place to live in early June; and within about a week, we had a three bedroom apartment secured in Moline, IL.  We hadn't even seen the place!

    From the first week of June to June 20th, I was tying up loose ends at work and completing the checkout process.  On June 20th, I checked out on terminal leave for my last month of being in the Navy.  Since then we did a lot of deep cleaning in our government provided apartment, loaded up a moving truck with all our belongings, and left from Saratoga Springs on July 2 with our cat.  We drove to Moline and got there the night of July 3.  We got into our new apartment on the 4th of July.  I start work on the 16th of July!







Belleville, Ohio - January 9, 2001

Dear Robins,

     Guess I'll try to write in the RR and hope it gets around so the news won't be so old.  I know Beulah has had a hard time though with shoulder pain and a lot of arthritis as well as her husband's back problems.  We keep praying for you both.  We talked to Nita this morning and she told us about Sheryl's problems, so we're praying for her too.


     We may make another change soon.  The company we worked for raising money for churches seems to be slowing down.  We've had an invitation to go back to Midland for Henry to preach.  We would hold our mobile home, though, if it works out.  We'll appreciate your prayers for us.


     Lois, I don't think we will travel down to see you as we can't afford to.  We do wish we could though.  In the church we may be going to, a couple there went down to Zephyrhills for the winter retreat.  Their names are Tom and Ruth Boman.  Maybe you might meet them sometime.


     Right now we are getting ready to go to Inoia, Michigan for a revival meeting in the Nazarene church there.  I think I had better finish this up as I'm not quite ready to take off yet.  Since we'll be going in about five weeks, there are quite a few things to pack yet.


Much love to all.

87 Yr. Old Ruth


P.S.  Just found this as I had to pick up stuff off the dining room table.  Today is February 8, so it stayed unsent for quite awhile.  This morning, or maybe afternoon, we're sending the RR to you.  We expect to be in the Midland Bethel church sometime in March.



Belleville, Ohio - February 8, 2001

Dear Robins,

     Here I am writing for the RR almost a year from the time it was started.  It looks like a nice day here in the trailer park at 8:45.  The snow is almost gone, but no one says there won't be some more before Easter.  Right now Henry and I are planning on moving again.  We expect to go to Midland Bethel Church of the Nazarene where we served 20 years ago.  We just signed up for one year in consideration of our ages.  He will be 78 in July and I'll be 88 in December 2001.  We ask for prayers from all of you that we'll be a help to the people there.  We're having a hard time thinking what to take and what to leave here.  This is our home so we've just fulfilled a call to help people find the Lord as their personal saviour.  We'd like to meet everyone of you in heaven with Jesus our wonderful saviour.  He knew no sin, but died on the cross to pay for our sin.  We feel the Lord may come at any moment to take his saved ones home.  Lois, we expect you and Nita will be delegates to the district meeting in the late spring or early summer.  There seems to be a lot of changes in East Charleston with Gary preaching to the people at Plymouth Church in East Charleston.


     Nita, your beautiful letter is truly a treasure for the whole marvelous family and we think Paul is doing a wonderful job with the Gardner paper.  As you can see, I'm not into e-mail, though Henry is working slowly with Geri's help.  This weekend Geri and Greg are going on a retreat with their choir.  Geri turned 43 on the 11th of February and Ruth Ann 51 the 4th of February.  It is true, the older we grow the faster the time moves on.  Our son, Dick, will be 55 September 21st.  We have visited them in our travels and they seem to be getting along quite well with Dick's new job.  They bought a house instead of a crowded apartment.  Their address is 642 Dorchester Road, #RR, Rochester Hills, Michigan  48307, if any of you wish to write to them.  Kim, Dick's wife, has a talent of fixing up a house to make it beautiful and Andy is doing well in school.  He just turned 13.  He has artistic talent and makes friends wherever he goes.


     We're sorry we missed Margaret and Raymond's 50th.  Thanks for the good picture of your grandchildren.


     Dixie, thanks for your newsy letter. I'm glad you can see better.  I think at may age I can see better than I could when I was young.  PTL!


     Raymond and Clayton, you both think ahead and punch the wrong keys.  I don't type or do much with the computer, but I get into errors by jumping ahead like that.


     Lilla, thanks for your newsy letter.  I enjoyed seeing Diane at the funeral for Eric and she is a beautiful young lady, as all of your girls are.  The boys are handsome too, but I haven't seen only one or two of them lately.


     Beulah and Don, we keep you in our prayers and thank you both for praying for us.  Henry says we'll need prayers as these two old "coots" are undertaking a church job,  We are trusting the Lord to help us encourage the people at Midland Michigan Bethel.  It doesn't seem possible, Beulah, that you are 70.


Lots of love.


Ruth, 3 years from 90







 May 23, 2000  Bellville, Ohio

Dear Folks,

                Now I am probably the one to keep the  RR the longest before answering.  The RR came just before we started on a trip north to Jamestown, NY.  & Reading PA.  The NY trip saw two friends who used to have the NE dist camp and are now pastoring the Jamestown  church.  In Reading we worked for Kirby Smith in one of the most successful campaigns heís ever taken part in.  Now weíre home for only a few days before we depart for Midland MI. to take part in a revival meeting.  We are both fairly well for an aged couple.  Nita gave us hospitality in the middle of this undertaking.  May the Lord bless you Nita.

                Paul is doing so well in his Gardner newspaper.  It just arrived here this morning.

                I am going to make this short as there are so many things to do before Iím ready to go on another trip.  I enjoy going though.

                Teresa and Family thanks for taking such good care of your Father.

                Lois it was great to see you at Nitaís, and eat your wonderful dinner at your house.

                Dixie you just seem to be having a wonderful life PTL.

                Clayton, I hope the real laser will be yours  We pray for you every day.

                Nita, Iím so glad your eye surgery went so well.  Ruth Anneís will be OK, too as she gets patience with it.

                Lilla itís so nice youíre having your house fixed.  Thank you boys for caring for Mom.

                Raymond, may you & Margaret  have a wonderful celebration of your 50th.

                Dick Cove youíll have to come see us.  We will find some place for you to sleep in our mobile home.  Dick Metcalf moved from Washington state to Troy MI was here with wife & son Andy about a week ago.

                Beulah you have an adventurous life donít you.  Thanks for your interesting letter. 

Much love, Ruth





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